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[school project] (I don't own most of the sprites used in this game.) The purpose of this game was to let the player scavenge and collect items. Those items don't have any value anymore. They're all junk. But the player can still take them, collect them. even if he can't use them.

I think it's a game about the value of things.

More than 1000 items to collect. The more hand you have and the longer is your arm, the more you can take.

Arrows to move (if you want to)

Mouse control the hand (left clic to take, right clic to drop)

A to save and Z to load (that was just for debbuging, but you can use it if you want)

S to take a screenshot (if you want to keep a picture of all the things you find !) (you will find somewhere near C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\inventaire_5 )

echap to quit (if you don't want to play anymore)


Collect.exe 3 MB

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